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family communication

family communication family communication family communication

Emanate Love for your Family Members

Resources  for Communication and Reunification  






Distant and Absentee Fathers we are here for you.

We provide Free up to date resources designed to help reconnect and communicate with your children.

We provide useful information for a Father's heart to make that connection.




Jeffrey was thirteen years old when we separated and he was deeply saddened by the break-up. We loved him and he attested a love for us while he weathered his teenage years and entered into his twenties. He was a wonderful and respected young man, he loved, worked and played hard. 

Our son Jeffrey John Palermo (12/7/88-12/4/2015) died unexpectedly one morning fourteen years after his parents separated. He was 26 years old and the mission of this website is inspired by his life and our role as parents.

The Resource links are selected based on professional and personal experience. 

May our website provide solutions - prevention and support - beyond good intentions and based on Compassion in Action.  

Why emanate?


Jeff Emanating at 26 years old


EMANATE = Something which originates or issues from a source.

We shared pictures of Jeffrey on social media and asked what word would describe his image - one close friend said EMANATE and 


JOIN  US in our Goal to bring fathers to embrace and emanate LOVE in our ever-changing world.

"Here at Jeff's Site we encourage the desire to Emanate Love in communication with your children. We offer resources, workshops, publications, and linkages. Ask yourself a question, Look at the resources and CLICK for positive EMANATION