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Jeffrey "emanated" a particular energy that left an impression on others and I believe this energy is our spark. For others, I am inspired that Jeffrey would like to offer resources for others to find their light. 

 Our son Jeffrey John Palermo (12/7/88-12/4/2015) died unexpectedly one morning fourteen years after his parents separated. He was 26 years old and the mission of this website is inspired by his life and relationships. 

He was thirteen years old when we separated and he was saddened by the break up. We loved him and he attested a love for us while he weathered his teenage years and entered into his twenties. He was a wonderful and respected young man, he loved, worked and played hard. 

I asked friends on social media for a word to best describe this rebel picture of Jeffrey (on the left) and a dear friend said "Emanate." Emanation is now the theme for this site.


  Today Jeffrey remains a guide and a spirit friend as he was as my birth-son here on Earth.  It is our goal to provide resources to assist individuals and their relationships to emanate their best selves.

Welcome to Jeffs Emanation and Son Salutation!

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 To provide Resources for Parens and their Young adult Children


To EMANATE Personal Best.

1. Links to Resources specific to Parent and Adult Children experiences as old by experts and peers.

3. Invitations to Workshops and Retreats  designed to foster communication and dialogue. . 

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Jeff Emanating at 26 years old


EMANATE = Something which originates or issues from a source.

"Here at Jeff's Site we encourage personal Emanation via apps, social networking and linkages.

 20 something  is THE AGE of inquiry.

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