RETREAT Schedule of Activities




Join  Us for a Nature Experience  Camping, Hiking, exploring the mysteries of natures sun, moon and stars while sharing experiences of our loved ones in pictures, words or silence.     

We invite you to join us as we explore the call of the wild and share time in the wilderness to laugh, maybe cry, forgive, let-go and breathe easy for a Spell.  


Friday PM Check-In to Sunday Noon Check Out.


  • FRIDAY NIGHT SOCIAL (8 to10pm)


AM: Each day begins with a choice and a call to the wilderness. Campfire Breakfast and a Hike. 

MIDDAY: Lunch at the Nearest Main Street and Take in the Sights or Hang around the Campgrounds.

SUNSET: Grill and Refreshments.

Campfires. From sing-a-long, warrior dances (optional) and storytelling (Jokes  included).


FREE Time and CheckOut.

COST: The Price of Your Campsite.

SECURE your cabin , RV or tent site at the link below and we will see you there. 

Contact us or surprise us, we will be there with our banner flying (JeffSun)  visit our Resource section above. for a direct link to our next campsite or Google: https://koa and our next Location.

we camp in New York State. here is a list of KOA campsites in New York State.